Russell Cohen

Rethinking Welfare and Social Security for a Stronger America

FDR, in my estimation, was an exemplary President. Beginning in 1933, his administration, with noble intentions, laid the groundwork for what would evolve into a welfare-oriented approach. His initiatives, particularly the Social Security system, were designed with the laudable aim of alleviating the hardships faced by the elderly and retired citizens. This trend of social programs was furthered, especially during the Johnson era. However, from my political vantage point, while these efforts were rooted in commendable objectives, the subsequent expansion of welfare has had unintended negative consequences on America. A measured and peaceful recalibration of this trajectory is, in my view, necessary for our nation’s future.

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My Views on Taxes

At this stage, I do not have the kind of tools the congressional budget office or well-educated economists would afford me. Therefore, the specifics herein are designed to give an idea of the magnitude of consumption (Fair, modified Fair HR-25, (Fair Tax HR 25), income, and estate tax changes I propose. My views on taxes and the proposed system will be refined as I am able to afford experts to assist me in ensuring it will work properly in our financially complex nation.

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Standing Up for LGBTQIA Rights in America: A Commitment to Equality and Respect

I unwaveringly support the rights of the LGBTQ+ community as safeguarded by the Constitution and existing U.S. legislation. Every individual, regardless of their sexual orientation or identity, deserves to live without fear of discrimination or repercussions for their authentic selves. It is paramount that we not only refrain from discriminating against LGBTQ+ individuals but also actively foster inclusivity. Upholding the rights of the LGBTQ+ community is both a constitutional and moral imperative in America.

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Upholding Our Constitution: A Pledge to the American People

I am of the firm conviction that reverence for the U.S. Constitution, along with its foundational laws and principles, has been eroding over time, a trend that seems to be gathering pace. Over the decades, a subtle yet concerning transformation has taken place, where the Supreme Court and appellate courts, originally conceived to serve purely judicial functions, have increasingly exhibited tendencies akin to political entities. For me, it is imperative that the Constitution be respected in its original form and, when necessary, be amended through due processes to safeguard the intended balance of power in our republic.

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A Commitment to Life: Protecting the Unborn

My personal journey regarding the topic of abortion has been profound and transformative. While I once held views in favor of abortion in my youth, even on a personal level, my perspective has since shifted significantly. With time, education, and a deeper understanding of the consequences it poses to the unborn child, the mother, and the broader family unit, I’ve come to staunchly support pro-life stances. I am deeply troubled by the vast number of abortions in America, which I believe has left an indelible mark of pain and dishonor on our nation.

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