My Faith and the Leadership of Our Nation

I stand before you as a man guided by devout Christian faith, but one who understands the unique nature of our nation –a constitutional republic that ensures freedom of religion without insisting on a particular faith.

Living Faith in Public Life

While my belief in Christ is at the core of who I am, I pledge to express it in a manner that respects all faith traditions. I want my faith to inspire and encourage, not divide or condemn.

My Spiritual Journey

Raised in the Methodist Church, and having experienced various Baptist and Protestant churches, my faith has grown and deepened over time. Part of my family’s heritage is Jewish, and I’ve found wisdom and inspiration in a variety of spiritual traditions.

I firmly believe in the truth of the Holy Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. I’m committed to leading our nation back to faith and godly principles, and I welcome conversations with anyone about my faith.

Respected Faith Leaders

There are many pastors and spiritual leaders who have inspired me, including:

  • Dr. David Uth
  • Mr. Danny DeArmas
  • Dr. Jim Henry 
  • Mr. Rocky Purvis
  • Dr. William F. Montgomery
  • Mr. “JP” Pierson
  • Mr. Dann Regan
  • Mr. Carey Bates

And respected non-pastoral individuals like:

  • Dr. and Mrs. Stan Hand and family
  • Mr. Robert Stuart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Parrish
  • The entire William B. Dyer family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Stuart
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ric Kuehn
  • Jerry and Carol Coon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andy Repass
  • The families of my three sons

I value these individuals for their Christian character, and this should not be taken as an endorsement of my Presidential campaign.

The Role of Faith in Politics

I reject the idea that faith should be silenced in public life. Our nation was founded with a deep sense of divine purpose, and I believe that many Americans appreciate leaders guided by faith. We are living in challenging times, and I find comfort and guidance in scriptures like 2 Chronicles 7:14, which speaks of humility, prayer, and healing for our land.

Leading with Faith and Respect

I commit to leading with respect for all law-abiding people, fidelity to the Constitution, and alignment with my understanding of scripture, in that order. I will seek wisdom from godly people and experts, always striving to unite and heal our nation.

I welcome your thoughts and questions on this subject, for I believe that together, we can cultivate a more compassionate and faithful future for America

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  1. I am curious that your statement of faith does not specifically state whether or not you consider yourself a “born-again”Christian as required by Jesus in order to go to heaven. I am especially concerned that IF you are a born-again believer you support the homosexual lifestyle. Americans are looking for a strong leader, not a wishy-washy “me too” type like any of the Democrats who are really Communists. The Communist Party USA has not recently even run a candidate for president as they believe the Democrat Party has taken and fulfilled all of their tenants. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being very liberal (but not communist) to 10 (a strong conservative both on economic and social (moral) issues, what are you? Are you out to divide the conservative vote so that the Communist Democrats win or what?

    1. Hi! I don’t mention born-again because it seems to me it has become a prejorative word in our culture and there are so many definitions of it. I am most familiar with the Baptist denomination, and yes, they would call me born-again. I accepted Jesus as my savior at 16, but I struggled in a sinful lifestyle until I recommmitted my life to Him at about age 56. Since then, I try to speak, think and act in a way that would please Jesus Christ. To be sure, I am not perfect, but I do try hard. I am not “me, too.” I am my own person and my beliefs probably are unique, at least in public media. I disagree that most democrats think or do like communists (you know the left calls the right fascists, too, which is not true either). On homosexuals, I ask you to consider how Jesus would have treated them. I think He would condemn the sin, but love the sinner, which is my model. As President, I do not condemn very many americans – just the worse of the worst. These are human beings that need and deserve our replect and love, not our condemnation. They will never accept a God whose people blasts them for being gay. This is common sense. So, while I respect your statement on the democratic party, I do not agree with it. Just as the GOP is, the democratic party is full of very good people, and I know this personally. Now, the leaders, they are a different story, in my view. I am a 5 on social issues (moderate), and I am a 7-8 on fiscal policy – I call it fiscally responsible. You can see the details on my other blogs – spending and taxation. Thanks for your question and God bless you, sir.

  2. I am a 79 year old woman whose Constutional rights to civil and religious freedom have been flagrantly violated in medical system and housing. I am of Jewish descent and served God miraculously for homeless for Revival in Oregon in 2008, having written a preliminary proposal which my church gave to Luis Palau Evangelistic Association. It was an outgrowth of my prayers to serve the highest good for God and based on Isaiah 58:6-12 and my God given compassion for the poor and elderly. Without help from the Church in America through great trials and persecution I,would not be here now. I believe most people came to America as homeless and that the homeless today are the produçt of great failures in America to love as God calls us to.
    Só glad you are running. Flight 93 reminds us that Messiah is here for us. Shanksville says it.

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