Keeping America Safe and Strong: A Plan for Security and Peace

In today’s interconnected world, America’s role as a protector of its people and a force for peace is more critical than ever. As a Christian, I hold the principles of freedom, justice, compassion, and fairness at the center of my vision for our great nation. I am committed to both safeguarding our homeland and leading by example in fostering global peace.

Defending Our Nation:

Our Constitution calls us to prioritize the safety and well-being of our citizens. As a shepherd looks after his flock, America must:

  • Secure Our Borders: Vigilance in protecting our borders and defending against threats is a top priority.
  • Build a Strong Military: We must maintain a powerful military with the latest technology and best-trained personnel.
  • Invest in Cybersecurity and Intelligence Gathering: Beyond physical defense, we’ll enhance our cybersecurity measures and intelligence capabilities to protect our communities and uphold justice.

Our nation’s strength lies not just in our ability to defend against threats but also in nurturing a society that values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Leading as Peacemakers:

While we stand strong, we also embrace the role of peacemakers. As Jesus taught, “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9). To be a true leader in peace, we must:

  • Promote Diplomacy: Engage in dialogue and work collaboratively with other nations to resolve disputes.
  • Foster Global Stability: Utilize our influence to build relationships rooted in compassion and understanding.
  • Act Responsibly: Seek peaceful resolutions first, with the use of force as a last resort after exhausting all peaceful means.

Striking the Right Balance:

Balancing national security and peace is a task that requires wisdom. There are times for strength and times for diplomacy (Ecclesiastes 3:8). Our plan includes:

  • Active Engagement in Diplomacy: Participate in international dialogues to prevent conflicts and promote justice.
  • Invest in Economic Development: Address the underlying causes of unrest, such as poverty and inequality, by supporting growth and good governance.
  • Advocate for the Marginalized: Stand up for those without a voice, promoting a more just and harmonious world.

In Conclusion:

Our nation’s dual role as protector and peacemaker guides my vision for America. By balancing our commitment to security with our desire to foster international cooperation, we can face the challenges of our time while staying true to our principles.

I lean on the wisdom of Proverbs 3:17: “Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace.” Together, we can build an America that reflects the love, compassion, and selflessness we value. Join me in this vision to protect our great nation and promote a world filled with peace.

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  1. I don’t see where you actually discuss immigration reform here.

    What’s the plan for Dreamers and DACA? How will you streamline the immigration process so that people can enter the country legally to work? How will you strengthen the asylum system?

    1. Yes, I am sorry, I have not written the full plan on immigration yet. I see all immigrants today mostly as people who are fleeing desparate conditions. My hope is every immigrant that has come to america (legally or illegally) and has not committed a crime (other than illegal entry) will someday be welcomed as citizens. I would not ever want to send law abiding people home who grew up here, or to separate families. However, we must stop the illegal inflow, and begin to properly manage this problem in the way that best serves America. My hope is that once we reform the immigration system and gain full control over our border (some wall, some electronically) we will allow in a rationale number of immigrants based on the work this nation has and needs. Illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in America should be deported or penalized unless there are extenuating circumstances. I welcome your suggestions about strengthening the immigration and asylum system. I have not studied these, but I want them to work well. On a side note, in an odd sort of way, I believe our immigration crisis (which is a result of political parties that cannot agree on much of anything and is out of date because of it) is a blessing. We unfortunately have aborted 70 million preborns in America, and the contributions of immigrants has been essential to America in filling this work void. Without births and the future labor than comes from births, a nation cannot stay healthy economically. So, my prayer is that abortions will decrease, as deperation in other nations decreases and immigration will level off as many more people will be happy to stay in their nations of origin. I think that is where we are heading IF/WHEN we get America back to the basics.

  2. Looking forward to learning more about you I just wrote a sermon on how our country is ran by godless leaders who put themselves in front of others they lead by greed and fear this country was created by men of faith and only men of faith restore its greatness

    1. Thank you for your comments. I agree there is a great deal of greed and fear mongering in our leadership and it seems to be getting worse each election cycle. I trust God will vindicate all that for the American people. I am a man of deep faith and I feel Godly principles are the best way to heal our land. I will do just that. I do not take “big” money and my integrity is high, though I know I must prove that over time.

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