Upholding Our Constitution: A Pledge to the American People

Read the Constitution of the United States.

America’s greatness lies in its Constitution, a document that has shaped our nation and guided us through centuries of progress. But recently, we’ve strayed from our foundational principles, allowing political maneuvering to undermine our sacred rights and responsibilities. It’s time to restore the Constitution’s rightful place in our society, to preserve our freedoms, and to bring back integrity to our government.

A Commitment to the Constitution

We must return to the principles that have made this nation strong. This means:

  • Balancing Power: The presidency has gained too much control, and Congress has become complacent. We need to restore the proper balance of power and ensure that each branch of government plays its rightful role.
  • Protecting the Filibuster: The filibuster safeguards against majority rule and must be preserved. It is essential to our democracy.
  • Ensuring Fairness in the Courts: We must protect the integrity of the Supreme Court and the federal courts, stopping the political games that have tainted this essential branch of government.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

I will propose the following amendments, aiming to strengthen our democracy and reflect the values that Americans hold dear:

  • Term Limits for Congress: Two six-year terms for Senators and six two-year terms for House members. Fresh perspectives are vital to our nation’s progress.
  • Reconsidering Presidential Term Limits: Great leaders should have the opportunity to continue serving the American people.
  • A Strong Confirmation Process: Judges must be confirmed with broad support to ensure fairness and impartiality.
  • Protecting the Filibuster: Make the Senate’s filibuster rule part of the Constitution, securing minority rights.
  • Empowering the President to Cut Waste: A line-item veto will help eliminate unnecessary spending and keep our budget in check.
  • A Fair Tax System: Replace income tax with a Fair Consumption Tax that balances our budget and benefits all Americans.
  • Securing Social Security: Make our trust fund solvent, protecting future generations

Guiding Principles for Legislation – When it comes to signing legislation, I pledge to:

  • Fiscal Responsibility: All spending must have a clear purpose and expiration date, and I will work tirelessly to balance the budget.
  • Eliminating Waste: I’ll use my veto power to cut wasteful spending and ensure every taxpayer dollar is well-spent.
  • No Political Discrimination: Every bill must treat all Americans equally, regardless of political affiliation.


Our Constitution is a beacon of freedom, wisdom, and stability. Together, we can restore its dignity and uphold the principles that have made our nation a shining example to the world. Let’s embark on this journey with courage, conviction, and a deep love for the country we all call home. Join me in this mission to bring America back to its founding ideals.

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  1. Three important issues, one repeal the 17th amendment, give power back to the states. Two, beaucrats that are in federal government for more than 10 years will create a fifedom. All federal government employees to include appointed be limited to 10 years of federal service. Three, reduce the federal government by 75 percent and let the states keep the majority of taxes collected so the states aren’t blackmailed to comply with unconstitutional edicts.

    1. Thank you, Randy. Why do you want to repeal the 17th amendment, which is primarily about electors? Perhaps I am missing your point. I tend to agree with you on federal employees, but I think perhaps it is best to codify something like that rather than amend the constitution, which is so arduous. I agree with reducing government and letting the states keep most taxes, but are you suggesting an amendment for that? I think that can be codified, as well. Please reply. I think your points and that which you are trying to accomplish are very good, just questioning the manner in which you want to do it. Laws are a lot easier than amendments to pass, I am sure you know. TY

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